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    Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

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    Aluminum Foil Tape

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    Aluminum Foil Tape

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    • Release date:2017/05/02
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    Aluminum foil tape


    ?Aluminum foil tape made of Aluminum foil coated with acrylic adhesive, with siliconized release paper liner. It is UV and flameresistant, moisture-proof & many chemical barrier. Mainly used in cooling and electronic industry and reflection situation.



    ?Material:Aluminum foil

    ?Adhesive:Acrylic,conductive glue


    ?Width: width of Jumbo roll is 1000mm(usable:980mm); for finished products: 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm ect.

    ?Length:≤1000mm, depends on customers’ requirement

    ?Thickness:0.25~0.50mm(15~50mic for Aluminum Fiol, 20~40mic for adhesive.)

    ?Peeling strength: with 180°≥10N/25MM

    ?peel adhesion: >1000g/inch

    ?Heat resistance: 80℃


    ?Appearance:Bright silver,adapting to different weather


    ?Feature:Anti-Ultraviolet ray, fire proof, resisting moisture, resisting chemical erosion,Good adhesive ,no any residue,High temperature resistance,High dielectric strength.


    ?Usage:Apply to supporting pipeline, engine, bonding wires for heat resistance, water and dust proof and outside working.

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    Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

    Contact person: Mr. Li

    Telephone: 18616678980

    Export manager: 18962691776

    Sales manager:18068053703

    Web: www.ksypack.cn

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